Canigao Island Overnight

Canigao Island is one of the precious gems of Leyte. It is an island paradise that will capture every nature lover’s heart and will quench the wanderlust in all of us. Canigao is a hidden haven and to get there you will need to be prepared to take on an exciting adventure.

As your trusted guide, we are here to gladly help you on your most deserved vacation. We have prepared for you a simple guide on what you should consider on your vacation budget when you go to Canigao Island. We also prepared a simple yet informative guide on How To Get To Canigao Island here. The things that you should add to your vacation budget is shared to you below. Because we want to make sure you are properly and sufficiently guided, we have listed below some package options which will hopefully suit your budget and preference.

Canigao is a secluded island, therefore, do not expect a fancy accommodation. On this island, the fantastic view and a real island experience is what you get.

Since there is no hotel or villa available, the types of accommodation to expect are cottages (nipa huts or bahay kubo) and tents. Even though the cottages are quaint, security and comfort are not compromised. The prices of cottages vary depending on the size and duration of your stay; whether is a daytrip or an overnight trip. You can reserve these cottages in advance for a secured and hassle-free visit with your friends and family.

You could also pitch your own tent. You could bring your own tent and just pay for the space that your tent will occupy, although, we would recommend that you rent it from us so you won’t have to bring it with you. It would be easier for you to move around without the extra baggage weight, especially if you would travel from far. Tent rental fee including the space fee is PhP 300. One tent is good for two persons.

Toilets and shower areas are available on the island. You just have to pay a small fee each time you need to use them.