What to do in Canigao Island

There are water activities you could enjoy in Canigao. You could have a nice snorkeling session at the coral fields near the island. Just a couple of meters away from the shore, you will find healthy marine area with colorful corals, fishes, sea grass and other friendly sea creatures.

Although it would be amazing to go deeper and further to see all of what Canigao underwater has to offer, please take note that are some parts of Canigao are protected marine sanctuaries, therefore; swimming, boating, fishing are prohibited in these parts. This is to conserve the richness of marine wildlife in Canigao Island.

Canigao Island has a short hiking trail. It will lead you to a quiet woods away from the other tourists who flock the beach area. Here you will become more one with nature as you trail deeper under the trees. At the end of the trail, you will see a small secluded sandbar that serves as dock to some local fishermen boats.